Mining Establishments Water, Wastewater and Waste Statistics

TurkStat has been publishing Mining Establishments Water, Wastewater and Waste Statistics biennially since 2010. The definition, scope and classifications of OECD and Eurostat, the international regulations, the national and international needs are especially taken into account in the production of Mining Establishments Water, Wastewater and Waste Statistics.

All mining establishments that submitted production data for the reference period and applied for a new licence to General Directorate of Mining Affairs are covered in the scope of this survey. Establishments dealing only with enrichment processes are out of scope.

The survey mainly focus on the data on the amount of water abstracted by type of resources, amount of wastewater discharged by type of receiving bodies, treatment status of discharged wastewater, type and capacity of wastewater treatment plants, amount of wastewater treated, amount of waste originating from the establishments in hazardous - nonhazardous breakdown and disposal methods.

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