The questionnaire was redesigned considering many factors together. The definitions of international standards were taken into consideration and adapted to the Turkish circumstances through the UNDP/ILO Project. In addition, new concepts such as the informal sector were aimed to be measured. Modifications on questionnaire were made in order to reflect changes in the labour force status in Turkey, and to produce internationally comparable data. For this reason the variable list used by EUROSTAT was examined and a questionnaire was designed which would provide data comparable data with EUROSTAT.
From 2004, questionnaire was revised in order to provide variables requested by Eurostat for gathering detailed information about labour market. For this purpose, the number of questions was increased and two different questionnaires were used, namely Form 1 and Form 2.
Demographic characteristics of households such as sex, age, educational and marital status of the individuals are included in the Form 1, Form 2 is used to collect information on the labour force status of households members 15 years of age and over.
The questions in Form 2 are composed of six sections:

  • Demographic characteristics of household members
  • Questions on employment
  • Questions on income
  • Questions on unemployment and inactivity
  • Questions on past work experience
  • Questions on situation one year before the survey
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