Sample design

Sample design is contracted on yearly basis. Yearly estimates of whole Turkey, rural-urban,   NUTS 1 (urban-rural) and NUTS 2 are required. A rotation pattern for the sample design on yearly basis is adapted to achieve the following objectives;

  • Quarterly level estimation of whole Turkey and rural-urban,
  • Accumulation of the quarterly results to get annual estimates.


Results of the household labour force survey have been weighted and published by the most recent population projections. Until year 2009 aforesaid population projections was calculated based on the general population censuses. In 2007 Address Based Population Registration System (ABPRS) was established and there exists some differences in the distribution of population by age, sex and regions in ABPRS compared to the censuses. In this direction, the new population projections were produced using the most recent population data obtained from this new system. In this direction, national and regional population projections were renewed by the results of 2008 ABPRS and also using the results of Turkey Population and Health Survey realized by the Hacettepe University Institute of Population Studies.
New population projections have started to be used in household labour force survey results starting from January 2009 onwards and in order to obtain comparability, monthly results for 2005-2008 terms and 2004 annual results were also revised by the new population projections.

2008 results given in this CD were also weighted by the revised population projections.

Reference and application period

The first week of each month starting with Monday and ending with Sunday has been used as the reference period.

The field application starts after the reference week and is completed within 15 days.

The method of collecting data

All the information has been collected by interviewers using Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) Method.

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